Rates and Terms

Rates and Terms

At No Regret Media we provide professional, custom graphic design, web site design and printing products specifically focused toward our client’s target market. For an estimate on your project, call 281-488-2626 during business hours, 9am – 5pm, M – F. A cost estimate/proposal for the project, based on the hourly rate, contingency costs and expenses will be submitted within 3 business days of the date that the initial consultation and/or project specs are finalized.

Basic Design Rate

The basic hourly rate applies to design and development work. Although the subjective nature of design does not permit us to give firm quotes, we are glad to provide a written estimate of projected project costs. We recognize the need for budget control, and we will provide verbal or written reports on time as the project progresses. Billable time on design projects includes all time spent directly on the project, including: project research and development, client consultations, design work, revisions, proof output, coordinating with sub-contractors, and communications (phone, email, and in person). Billable time may also include travel time to client’s location or other location associated with the job, as required. Contact us for our current hourly design rates.

Contingency Costs
Contingency costs cover elements of the project not covered by the contract and may include:

  • Rush charges for projects with quick deadlines
  • Charges for delayed payment (See payment terms)
  • Charges for changes to the project outside the parameters agreed upon

Expenses are incurred when the project requires use of materials or vendors other than design work performed by EMPIRE ADVERTISING & DESIGN, LLC. Expenses may include:

  • Printing, color proofs, film and other pre-press production items
  • Photography sessions and film development
  • Stock Photo and/or Clip art purchases specifically related to the project
  • Paper purchases (usually included in printing costs)
  • Print coordination fees and job pickup/delivery costs
  • Web Site Hosting & Domain Name Registration fees
  • Commercial Web Site Scripts
  • Sub-contracting, other vendor costs & Project Management Fees

Billing & Payment Terms
50% of estimated graphic design and contingency costs are due upon beginning a project and/or contract signing unless the project is small or of short duration (determined at initial consultation). There is a $50 minimum charge for graphic design and website maintenance requests. Payment must be made before any work is started on a project. No Regret Media reserves the right to invoice client at any time if project extends beyond projected completion date, or if the number of billable hours on the project exceeds the estimated project time. 100% of printing costs must be paid prior to submitting the project to print, unless credit has been established.

All invoices are due and payable upon receipt and must be paid UPON COMPLETION of project, unless otherwise specified in the contract. A penalty for late payment will be assessed as follows: 1.5% of unpaid balance per month overdue.

Payment Methods
Invoices may be paid by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) or check. A $25 fee will be assessed for all returned checks. A 5% service charge will apply to any postage payments made by credit card.

Final Artwork
Client will be provided with print-ready artwork upon request after final payment is received. No Regret Media retains the copyright to any and all editable files used in the creation of your project. Editable files can be purchased for an additional fee. Please let us know in advance if you require editable files so that a fee may be negotiated prior to the start of the project.

Project Cancelation
Should client or designer stop the project at any time during the development period, designer will invoice for work completed up to the point of termination. Cancelation fees may apply as determined by No Regret Media.

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