How To Measure Traffic To Your Website

How To Measure Traffic To Your Website

Knowing how popular your website is can be valuable information. Having correct statistics on how many people are viewing your content can help you create a site that better suits users’ needs and is incredibly useful when selling advertizing on your website. Companies want to maximize their adverts’ exposure so will pay much more to put their brand on a website that can prove its popularity in statistical documentation.

Most web hosting services provide statistics on hits – that is, the number of times your website has been loaded. Some even break down the statistics to show you where your visitors are from, which pages within your site are the most popular and what websites or links people leave to.

However, a more in depth way of measuring traffic was developed at the turn of Web 2.0 – a measurement of time spent on each page, versus the number of hits. This way, you are measuring the quality of your website as opposed to how effectively you convinced people to visit it. If your site doesn’t live up to what you promise on incoming links, banner ads or advertising, then users won’t stick around for long – ad nor will they spend money on your products or contact you about your services.

Another reason users might leave quickly is a poorly designed website. It has been found that users leave sites quickly, without even getting to the content, if the navigation is difficult to use, or the loading time on the site is too slow for most connections. A good reason to stay is for an attractive, quick-loading and clear front page that contains all the links necessary to navigate clearly through the site and some quality content that is easy to skim and fun to read.

Speak to your web designers about measuring the time people spend on your website. Many applications are available on the internet – some are for free, while other, more in depth applications are available for a fee, only through your website hosting services.

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